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My best Surfing Holidays by Sennah

The most beautiful place for spending time with family, friends or make new friends.

If it is your first time surfing you are in good hands with experienced surf instructors, their maturity and humor gives this place an very welcoming feeling.

You can go for yoga classes after a good surf session and really enjoy the surf&yoga experience. If you are more of a person who likes beautiful red sunsets this is the place, while sitting on the shore enjoying the weather with clear waves, it is all part of it. I personally love being near the ocean, I come from a crowded city (Amsterdam) and when I am going on a vacation this is always the place. You do not feel any pressure when you are here. The surf school has this very vibrant vibe that if feels like your part of the family. Once you have catched some waves and start feeling the surf it is very enlighting.

Portugese people are known for their charmes and great sense of cooking. There are restaurants near the beach with fresh fish and delicous food. I have been coming here for four years now and this place never lets me down.I have been here in Autumn, Spring and the Summer. Every season has it own benefits, come see it for yourself !

This is a place where you can come to your own senses and feel the relaxed and easy going atmosphere.

It does not matter if you already surf for years or actually just started surfing, the surf instructors always know something to help you improve your surf because in the end all we want to do is have fun in the ocean.

Surfing is something that is tied to this place, the moment you finally have your wetsuit on and got a surfboard you are all ready to go out there and catch some beautiful waves. The longer your in the water the more you clear your mind because you really do not have to focus on anything else.

Even if you are with a big/small group it is just you and the wave and that very moment is something I want to share with everyone. The surf school has some younger and older instructors they all grew up near the ocean so it is just like their backyard. Their experience with the ocean is mind blowing for someone like me that is from a big city. You do not feel a competitive atmosphere here, ofcourse there are surfers that are way more experieced than others but we all pay respect to each other.

This place is really worth visiting, if you want to see other beaches or more touristic parts near the coast you could just take a bus or car and that would be around a 15 minute drive.

You could go and see Peniche, Supertubos, Baleal it is all very nearby. Eventhough it is close to us we do no have that much people in the area so you could really take a break from everything. The surf here is something you have to experience for yourself because it is a feeling that is so indescribable, so see for yourself.

Surfcamp Portugal with some very nice hostels such as Lemon Tree Hostel and Neptune Beach House. Lemon Tree is the oldest and has the kindest owner named Cristina, it is a big house with a garden which has fresh fruits and it is also just a 5 minute walk to the beach so at night you can enjoy the quietness and softly hear the waves crash.


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