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Before founding the Surf School in 2001, Rui was a certified tourist guide and he never lost his passion for sharing his country with travellers. Here at the surf school, we may help you to enrich your surfing holidays with a cultural visit or hike in the nature. These are some of our favourite spots. 


Explore the rich bio and geodiversity of this beautiful region, that is now a Unesco Aspiring Geo Park. Discover magical places either at the seaside or in the countryside.

Walking along the coastline allows you to experience all the beauty of this unique geological landscape.

Explore beaches with difficult access and discover excellent trails that stretch along the coastline cliffs.

Or go inland and discover Cesaredas plateau, a limestone territory dating back to 140 million years ago, which arises as an extension of the Aire / Montejunto mountain system. There you'll experience natural viewpoints, Roman heritage, Napoleon invasions features, natural grottoes and traditional rural villages.

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Also known for being the official "House of the Portuguese Queens" for almost 800 years, the romantic Óbidos is one of the most famous Portuguese pearls.
Óbidos is also a City of Literature, one of only 28 in the world bestowed with the title by Unesco. You'll find peculiar book shops, handcraft tiny shops, and a yummy bakery, cooking family recipes more than 130 years old. And we can not escape the Ginja (typical sour cherry liquor) tasting in a chocolate cup.

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The canyon of Nazaré is the cause of such incredibly monster waves, attracting top surfers from all over the world to Praia do Norte. At São Miguel Arcanjo Fortress is possible to see some of the surfboards used for surfing the Nazare big waves and a room showing how the North Canyon works.

There’s more to Nazaré than its wow-effect waves. You can still feel the strong traditional heritage, like the horse mackerel – “carapau” – hung out to dry in the sun, or beautiful fishing boats with life-related messages, and friendly women dressed in their 7 skirts selling dry fruits.

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Prepare your intellectual spirit and adventurous soul to discover the magical and the mystical Sintra. We will guide you through a carefully chosen selection of monuments and sites. The goal is to experience why Sintra has proved to be so captivating for lovers, royals and storytellers in the past centuries.  Not a hiking experience, but a lot of walking included. History, Romance, Pastries, Ocean and Fun, are all mixed in a magic blender. 

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