GET UP, STAND UP! Live life and get connected to yourself and the nature.

Alone, with friends, or with family, enjoy the fun of riding waves.

Our team, THE SUPER HEROES, is made of local surfer dudes, that will introduce you to surfing life style and culture, in a fun and exciting way.

Feel free, fell active, feel relaxed, meet new and interesting people from several countries, enjoy beautiful sunsets and most important, have fun!

Surf School Peniche Portugal

The Surf courses are given normally from Monday to Friday. You will surf twice a day, and each surf session last approximately 2h. So, if you spend your days behind the desk, don't forget to practice some sports before your surfing holidays.


The surf spot and class schedule choice, is made according with the surf instructor's experience, considering safety, sea and weather conditions, participants skills (and sure, variety), splitting groups, whenever it seems convenient, and sending them to different spots that best match the skills of the corresponding group. 


Depending on the conditions and on the level of the students, the lessons can take place at different surf spots within a range of 20 km from the surf school (15 minutes by car). In this case you will be away for the lesson for a total of 5/6 hours.


It all starts ot our surf school base, 2 minutes walking from the beach. There you find a dressing and chill out area, with shower.


At our surf lessons, we have a ratio of one surf instructor and one surf assistant for a group of 8 participants.


The regular Schedule works like this:

- 09.50 – Meeting point et RIPAR Surf Camp

- 10.00 – Departure to the beach

- 10.15 – Lesson starts

- 12.15 – Lunch time!

- 13.00 – On the water.

- 15.00 – Return to the Surf Camp


This is an example of the most normal schedule. But often occurs schedules changes due to tides and ocean conditions. We may start earlier (around 8h am) or finish at the sunset.



- 20 hours of surf lessons per week / 5 days / 2 sessions per day / 2 hours each

- Certified Surf Instructors

- Transfer from our surf base to other surf spots, if necessary

- Board and wetsuit for the whole day (on course days)

- Free Equipment during weekends

- Sport insurance (on course days)

- Video Feedback (Intermidiate / Advanced Level)

- Discount on Backdoor Surf Shop

- Lots of fun

- Wipe outs!


If you have done some surfing before, but are not sure which is the right course level for you, just book a beginner’s course and on the first day we will evaluate your surfing.

To join our ADVANCED surfing level, you need to feel confortable on the water, know the priority rules, be able to catch unbroken waves on your own and turn. To offer good quality, the advanced group only holds 5/6 participants IN TOTAL!

So, be fast on your booking!



- A short history of surfing

- Introduction to Surf equipment

- The local region geography / How to find the best spots

- Introduction to ocean tides, currents and waves


- How to position yourself on the board, how to paddle, sit and turn

- How to go to the line-up and handle with the white water

- Basic Techniques on the white water (first waves)

- Take off (standing up on your board) practice on the sand

- Take off practice on the white water

- Turning on the white water

- First approach on surfing unbroken waves


- First session as an evaluation of your surfing skill and stablish the best way to improve

- How to choose the best surf equipment according with your level

- Improving your paddling, and some beginners techniques

- Understand the correct position in the line-up to surf unbroken waves

- Priority rules

- Shape, size and direction of the wave

- Practicing paddling into the wave

- Take-off on unbroken waves and turning

- Front-side and back-side surfing

- Manoeuvres: trimming (how to get speed)

- Approach to advanced surfing techniques 


To join our advanced surfing lessons, you need to feel confortable on the water, know the priority rules, be able to catch unbroken waves on your own and turn.

Here, we are focus on:

- Ocean knowledge

- Surf equipment knowledge

- Choose the best schedules and surf spots in order to practice advanced techniques with less crowd on the water

- Ability to catch and ride unbroken waves

- Practice the classic surfing line: trimming, bottom turn, top turn

- Advanced manoeuvres: tube ridding, cut back, off the lip and floater.






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