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Ripar Surf School is a local and well-respected family run business, founded by Rui Pedro in 2001. Being a local surfer, his dream was to share his passion for surfing and for the Portuguese culture. Ripar Surf School was born!


"You have to believe in your dreams! In 2001 only a few surf schools existed in Portugal. I quit my secure job to open this surf school. People called me crazy. Since then we've been helping hundreds of people to fulfil their dreams of riding waves. Now I have an excellent surf instructor team working with me. I'm very proud of them. My wife helps me at the school office and we have two kids. This dream supports my family. We are living the dream!" Rui Pedro

family surf lessons


The surf school is located 2 minutes walking distance from the beach. It offers all surf equipment that you may need, a dressing and chills out area, and a shower. 

With years of experience, RIPAR has developed superior and unique teaching techniques in order to help improve all levels of surfers from beginner to advanced.

Our surf school focus on 5 key areas to help you surf with confidence and style:

  • Fully qualified instructors, and local surfers, are in the water with you assisting every step of the way. 

  • We only surf on the best beaches to suit your ability. As we are mobile we can be flexible to customise the trip to get the best surf.

  • We offer the best equipment to assist your surfing journey.

  • Surf safety and ocean awareness are our highest priorities which our instructors will ensure you become well trained in.

  • Fun! Having a good time all-round is the cornerstone to the success of our surf school.


At RIPAR you can find the best learner specific boards and warm wetsuits for all different sizes, weights and body shapes.


We upgrade our equipment every year, which means our surf gear will be your best friend.


As you improve, we can also supply more advanced boards for the intermediate and advanced surfer.


We have available soft boards, epoxy, fibreglass and NEW polycarbonate surfboards.


Surf School Peniche
Surf School Peniche equiment renting


RIPAR, as one of the first surf school and surf camp in the region, was always ahead in terms of licences, surf insurances and certifications. Several times we had meetings with the Portuguese Surfing Federation, the Portuguese Government and local City Hall, in order to help them stablish the best strategy in terms of licences and certifications for the surf schools. We are PROUD for that!

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