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The word Yoga, which comes from the Sanskrit root <yuj>, means 'to join'.


“ The most amazing journey is the one that leads us to discover ourselves…"



Here at Ripar Surf School, we truly believe that Surf and Yoga can come together and operate synergistically for a more fulfilling existence, merging spirituality, physical and mental health. We are not the only ones! The worldwide surf community is opening to this marriage with top surfers like Kelly Skater, Rochelle Ballard, Matt Wilkinson, big-wave rider Greg Long or free 'spirit' surfers like Dave Rastovich and Rob Machado, among many others, including the ancient yoga practice in their life and training routines.

So, whether you’re experienced or beginner in Yoga and/or Surf, with our physician, surfer and certified yoga teacher you will have the opportunity to experience the classic teachings of the millenary Yoga Sámkhya philosophy, working the 14 technical disciplines (Dhyána/Samádhi, Pujá, Kryá, Mantra/Kírtana, Pránáyáma, Ásana, Yoganidrá, Bandha, Japa Tala, Japa Shesha, Yantra, Mudrá, Nyása, Mánasika) during your stay for a complete, natural, healthy and joyful personal development that will certainly manifest in a much more profitable surfing experience.

With the early morning yoga sessions*, you can slowly connect to your inner self, wake up with the ocean's breeze energy and prepare your body's muscles for paddling, standing up, ridding waves and to avoid injuries. Through conscious breathing exercises you can enhance your endurance in the water, with a sharp, focused mind you can make better wave choices, follow more precisely our experienced surf teacher's advices and, later on in the afternoon and closer to the sunset*, you can stretch and relax your body, recharge your mind and get prepared for more exciting life to come.

Above all, we aim to promote a state of receptiveness that will allow you to fully enjoy the connection with the vast Atlantic Ocean, its waves and its people, in this beautiful part of the Portuguese coastline.


To better understand our culture and past history, We also propose that you embark on a trip in time and visit the medieval village of Obidos just 25 km from our beach. Enchanted village that maintains the walls and typical streets of a Portuguese village.

* These sessions can take place in the beach, surf school’s deck or studio according to group preferences and/or weather conditions.




Package includes:

- 3/5/7 nights accommodation at Lemon tree Beach House;

- Daily homemade breakfast;

- Linen and Towels;

- Daily Surf lessons / 1 session / 2h each;

- Daily Yoga lessons / 2 classes / 1h15m each;

- 1 Day SUP Yoga with Tour to Obidos (wednesday/Saturday);

- 1 Ripar dinner with the Team (Friday);

- 1 Shiatsu Massage -1 hour (Only for 7 night stay);
- Discount on Backdoor Surf Shop;

- Free Wifi;

- Lots of fun!



Don't hesitate to CONTACT US for:

- Any doubt

- Only accommodation rates

- Less or extra days

- Less or extra activities

- Bigger groups rates

- Custom packages (for example, if some people are not surfing)

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