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Shiatsu Massage

GET EVEN MORE CONNECTED! We offer a special massage therapy which helps alleviate physical exhaustion, tensions and other minor conditions that our surf students may experience after an intensive surf session.


The objective of the therapy is to restore the flexibility of the joints by loosening minor muscle contractions and correcting mechanical imbalances caused by the unusual exercise.


The Shiatsu Massage is based on the principles of Chinese Traditional Medicine. It consists of applying pressure to the accupoints, in which the therapist uses fingers, palms, feet and his/ her own weight, without using any oils or creams.


The most important benefits are a stimulation of the self-regulatory system of the organism, deep relaxation of body and mind and the release of energetic tensions and blockages. It will also support the natural and free flow of the vital energy (Qi) and the contact with the body and inner self.


A pure moment of heaven…

Shiatsu Therapist: Inês Oliveira

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: € 35 / session

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